Friday, November 11


"Temptation" in the Garden of Adam, an erotic tale featuring Paul. The 1st part of a very erotic and tempting series. See the rest of the photos in the set and stay tuned for the 2 part of the series only in our member's area.

Unbridled Passion

Gorgeous couple Jena and Mark meet for an afternoon of unbridled passion. Perhaps the zebra bedspread inspires them to indulge in a little wild sex…

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Hot Rod starring Nikki Delano

Ramon won the race and it was time for a celebration. He told the sexy models to come with him to his trailer so they could fuck the champion. They refused to come with him, so he began groping their juicy tits and asses. He attempted to force them to his trailer and they would not go. The girls decided to teach him a lesson and strip him naked in front of all his crew and fans. They ripped off all his clothes and began sucking his cock furiously. The girls took turns getting their pussies pounded and got man milk all over them. Enjoy.

Monday, October 17

Brazilian Babe

Hunky Brazilian Castelan is simply delectable in this photo. It may be the strong background colours or the deep shadows that make him look so good, but I suspect it’s the size of his cock that makes him so very appealing.

Monday, October 10

Wild Thing

Sam, the Our sexy male centerfold, has a beautifully buffed body, some lovely designer stubble and – of course – a perfectly delectable dick. What really got our attention, though, is his tattoo of Max from Where The Wild Things Are. It’s not often we encounter a hot bit of male crumpet who also knows his classic children’s picture books.

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Monday, September 26

Honk If You’re Hunky

Honk if you’re hunky: now that’s the sort of title you’d find on a very bad 80s porno, I suspect. Still, it’s perfect for hunky Tino here, whose Latin looks certainly gave me the horn. In this set of photos he peels off his top and tight jeans and then expertly yanks his gearstick in the front seat. I don’t know why more car salesman don’t do this. Perhaps they’re concerned about the upholstery.

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Thursday, September 22


The water is over me, under me, a lover’s touch on every inch of my flesh. And he is like water, fluid and graceful, gliding across my skin. I am wet, outside and in.

His mouth closes over my nipple, and my moan sends bubbles, like tiny messages, to the surface. I watch them break against the rippling barrier above us. He sucks, teeth grazing, and I shudder. I wrap my legs around his waist, struggling to press myself against him, against anything, to relieve the building pressure.

Hands and mouth against both breasts. I arch back, body bowed, buoyed by the water…

This is an excerpt from ‘Wet’, featured at